Sensitive Cancer

Cancer loves comfort and strongly welcomes the comfortable and stylish "shields" in its shell. Antique, collectible items and this will please homebody. Flower Note: Sensitive Cancer will appreciate Irises and white roses, lilies, daffodils, lilies and snowdrops. But the subtle energy of such a person can disturbed killer smell – carnation, mimosa, or peonies should not donate. "I wish / I rule" – the motto of the regal Leo! Do I have to say that the people of this sign above all appreciate the status presents – expensive and stylish things themselves claiming rank holder, gold, precious stones. Of course, stylized aristocratic things would be perceived to "Hurrah!" Lion – the sun sign, and loves all the yellow and orange. Flower note: Leva with happily accept a gift of a dahlia, chrysanthemum, mimosa, peony, tea or yellow roses, carnations.

But tulips and orchids – can cause rejection, beware! Virgin follows the Lion and holds intellectual assault results sometimes chaotic reign of Leo: "I analyze" – the motto of the Virgin. Generally, the Virgin – one of the most difficult zodiac signs, which includes three completely different character types: from a gentle and shy to a rigid, cynical and even ugly. But we can, nevertheless, highlight common to all Virgos: practicality. Knowing the value of money, the Virgin likes gifts that bring maximum benefit. The slogan "The main thing – attention" to the virgins rarely goes! Flower note: giving Virgin asters and mimosas, carnations and roses, bluebells and violets. Libra – the sign of equilibrium and balance.

Author: Jackie