Secretary Tourists

With the absence of tourists because of the riots in Egypt, has stopped the flow of money that is destined to the preservation of the Egyptian heritage. The pyramid of Djoser is the last stage of the restoration, the most delicate, since it affects the roofing of the same, which could collapse. The serious financial crisis that affects to the Council Superior of antiquities (CSA), due in large part to the absence of tourists in Egypt, could lead to the collapse of the step pyramid of Djoser, the oldest in history, whose rehabilitation has been interrupted. The problem is that there is no money, because it came from foreign tourists. After the revolution of January 25, the influx of tourists to the country dropped severely, and therefore income of archaeological sites fell, assured the Secretary-General of the CSA, Mohamed Abdel Maqsud.

However, ahead of that morning, Sunday, visiting at the head of a team of experts the pyramid, located in the archaeological zone of Saqara, about 25 kilometers southwest of Cairo. Tomorrow I will make a site visit to adopt an immediate decision on the ground and stress the need that the restoration work must continue. Egypt and the world can not lose a monument of that magnitude for ever. It is the oldest pyramid of history, stressed the Egyptian officer. Furthermore, he recalled that the restoration of that place takes four years and was now in its final stage, the most important and delicate, since the roof of the building was rehabilitated. The company that carries out the work of rehabilitation suspended its activities because their fees, not been paid him recognized Maqsood. The problem came to light after than some written press media sound alarm sirens this Saturday because of the danger of collapse which hangs over this colossal grave. The pyramid was built as a tomb of the Pharaoh Djoser (2,650 years B.c.) by architect and physician Imhotep, in the area of Saqara, whose monumental area covers an area of seven square kilometers.

Author: Jackie