Science Research

Crime is a problem worldwide especially in the major capitals of countries in Latin America. Lima is constantly conmcionada with news of crimes, horrible murders, like maniacs Taxi Robber with screwdriver and others. Deaths, homicides, murders, the news every day. Those who study Criminality have much to learn from these events. With regard to issues of Criminality want to make a brief contribution to the people who want to learn the basics, which are very interesting. 1.-That podriasmos true for the Protection of the crime scene? That the first step to take is to protect the site and find it on stage all the evidence that will allow us to reconstruct the incident to investigate how shoe prints, blood stains, hair, semen, hairs and other evidence. Very important that the crime scene is not invaded by anyone outside the investigation, since the alteration of some evidence may not ever be rebuilt. As the case often an indication that in principle it seemed priori negligible served to clarify the fact.

2 – known as the Science Research? The science of inquiry was appointed by Mr. Jimenez de Asua. It is multidisciplinary, that sums up their goals for research and technical knowledge of other sciences such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, anthropology and forensic medicine specialties. It adds to the investigation of optical computing and all knowledge, discipline or technique that will work for the goals. 3 – A brief summary of Judicial photo. The photograph comes within the identification systems are mentioned basic aspects of photography to be taken into consideration when assessing a person arrested or a cadaver.Por its significance, this procedure must be carried out excessive care, given the impossibility of repeating the process with the conditions that occur in space and time, especially when the burial was made.

Author: Jackie