This so-called "hard" tsellyulit.Chetvertaya stage of cellulite – "orange skin", a "problem" areas visible at any position of the body. In the fourth stage nodules increase in size, they become more easily be felt with your fingers and move under them, pressure on the nodules are often painful. The reason for the emergence and development of cellulite has not yet been installed, most likely a combination of several factors: hormonal changes, heredity, obesity weight, stress and anxiety, lifestyle, poor environment, poor diet, bad habits that prevent the removal of fluid from the body, and ethnic characteristics. As a rule, the fight against cellulite begins in the fourth stage, when to remove it is very difficult. And the need to have patience, to deal with cellulite, it occurs slowly and imperceptibly, but more slowly – disappears. Can not get rid of cellulite in one procedure is needed persistent, focused effort. The main directions of efforts to combat cellulite are: Pitanie.Aktivny image kosmetika.Vodnye protsedury.Ispolzovanie kompressov.Aromaterapiya 1. Nutrition.

Nutrition as a major cause of fat deposits in the body and as a consequence – cellulite. If you struggle with cellulite should gradually reduce the weight and volume of not more than one kilogram per week. Should be given preference for low-fat, rich in vitamins, micronutrients and fiber diet. By reducing the weight in the first place, it is necessary to clean the body of toxins. This will help you: 1. Biologically active dobavki.Biologicheski supplements companies 'Tyanshi'Tabletki with tsellyulozoySpirulina in supplements companies' Vivasan'Yablochny vinegar tabletkahTsistimin in kapsulahBiologicheski active supplement companies' Vitalayn'Vita PlyusCarny Green Plus (Carney Place) (L-Carnitine) Colon Care (Colon Keir (Super Klinz)) Dietary supplement companies' SANTEGRA'SaniTea (Sanita) Dietary supplement companies' formula NSP'Antitsellyulitnaya 2. Treatment Chinese patch. Patch to the soles of the feet 'Treasures of the trees' patch for correction.

3. Multivitamin drinks and syrups. Juniper extract drink black elderberry drink bitter artichoke 4.

Author: Jackie