Rwandan Military Claimed

Mirentxu Marino 20 m Captain Justus Majyambere was arrested a week ago for an immigration issue; as his name was at Interpol, it told Spain. It is one of the 40 Rwandans judge Fernando Andreu indicted in 2008 for the murder of nine Spanish: three aid workers and six religious. After confirming his identity, the Audiencia Nacional is waiting for United States to deliver it to its formal extradition request. The Government scorned the cause for the murder of nine Spaniards in Rwanda. Sirera: Today my sister does not have died, the world has changed. The national audience expected EE UU authorities to decide in the coming days on detention, within their borders, in the Rwandan citizen Justus Majyambere. It is one of the suspects and alleged executor of the murder in 1997 in Rwanda of three Spaniards, members of the NGO Medecins du Monde. The military, which has been held by an immigration issue, a week is also one of the 40 processed by judge Fernando Andreu in 2008 by genocide, against humanity and terrorism, among other crimes.

About weighs an international arrest warrant since that had not executed yet by Interpol. According to the exclusive published by in March, taking as a basis the secret cables from Wikileaks, all defendants by the judge – less Kayumba Nyamwasa, exiled in South Africa, whose extradition sought Spain in 2010 returned to Rwanda immediately after the broadcast of the car to avoid being extradited. The case of Rugumya Gacinya, then military attache at the Rwandan Embassy in Washington, was especially curious since within 24 hours I was back in his country, although it is unknown whether because he was expelled, invited to leave or decided, motu proprio, shielding it legally. Justus Majyambere had left Rwanda a few days for the purpose of performing any company in EE UU’s related to military intelligence, endpoint that has not been confirmed.

Author: Jackie