Running For Weight Loss

Running is one of the most effective ways and get in shape quickly – you can burn up 275 calories per mile, or up to 1,000 calories per hour. In addition to helping lose weight, running has also been shown to have a number of health benefits, including helping to combat the effects of aging, such as the natural loss of muscle mass and bone density that usually occurs after middle age. While a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a reduction in muscle strength and brittle bones in time, running can keep your body in good shape, allowing it to remain active and potentially reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. Here, Brookfield Brasil expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If one of your main goals is to lose weight, you should ensure you are maintaining a healthy diet that includes high-nutrient density foods like fruits and vegetables, along with fiber. Keeping track of the number of calories burned per day in order to consume enough calories to give you energy it needs exercise, but not as many calories to nullify the benefits of fat burning exercise. No matter where you go, you still need a calorie deficit to lose weight.

Although it may seem a little intimidating if you are just starting, need not be difficult – start slowly and gradually increase the distance and average walking speed as you improve your fitness. Note that you can vary your routine of running outdoors or on tape, depending on your schedule and time, making it one of the more flexible forms of exercise – that almost never going to able to find an excuse to skip a workout. In the beginning, you may actually gain a few pounds, because running will ask your body to gain muscle mass, but after a couple of weeks will see the continued weight loss, and actually added muscle will help burn more fat throughout the day, even when at rest. Running also makes easy to work with friends who also may be trying to lose weight or simply get in shape. Running with friends, you can increase your motivation to keep going. Running with friends can distract you from the inconvenience of going slowly or persistent smoking..

Author: Jackie