Rorschach Test

As well as the ability to realize their desires and needs, their inconsistency. On the strength of our inner self, or ego depends on our adaptation, our efficiency and success. In other words Rorschach test provides information about the needs of the individual, that makes a person happy or unhappy, what are the internal conflicts and contradictions, that excites him and what he has to hide from himself and is afraid to admit it himself. Rorschach test to determine – such is the human reaction to particular situation, or is it his constant style of behavior dictated by nature. Why use Rorschach test professionals? Psycho individual – identifying the various features of the human person with scientific purposes, in matters of personal compatibility, physical fitness and vocational guidance. Pathopsychological assessment – identifying pathopsychological signs, their hierarchical relationships, evaluation of syndromic pathopsychological changes and specific directions of disturbances of mental activity, typical for this form of disorder, the establishment of pathogenic interactions between pathopsychological symptoms and clinical manifestations, and thus the psychological mechanism of disclosure of mental disorders in this particular patient. Clinical diagnosis – assessment of a number of scales makes it possible to test determine the likelihood of the patient different psychopathological conditions – depression, psychosis, obsessions, trauma and to assess the patient's risk of suicide. Thus helping the clinician to differential diagnosis.

The organization of psychotherapeutic interventions and psychocorrectional – forecast of intervention, intervention planning psychotherapy based on the identification of maladaptive behavior, and resource elements, forming a therapeutic alliance, assessing the effectiveness of psychotherapy. There are techniques to use tables with patches of Rorschach in psychotherapy is not so much with diagnostic, as it for therapeutic purposes. Rorschach-counseling. This method works with the Rorschach test, when, after the testing procedures and results, you can handle for a few meetings with a psychologist to discuss findings. This is useful for making a decision about the possible passage of your therapy, in connection with a particular problem for self-knowledge.

Rorschach test is also used in diagnostic group, in the family counseling. And you can go Rorschach test on a computer on the Internet? To date, there is no valid (true), a computer program for the Rorschach test. So of course you can go, just results of this test will be unreliable and therefore useless. By the way, pay attention to the spelling of names Latin Rorschach – Rorschach. If it says otherwise – you're dealing with charlatans. Self-respecting rorshahiane never make mistakes in writing. Lyubimova N., MD

Author: Jackie