Robin Williams

To know to think is to doubt its proper certezas, to question its truths, is to be in the world and with the world, as historical beings, with the capacity to grow and to intervine in this world. Also pointing out, that to educate it is not to transfer knowledge, but to acquire knowledge on the events of the life of the past, gift and showing making with that if it has perspective on the future. 3? FILM: SOCIETY OF the DEAD POETS the film Society of the Dead Poets was directed by the director Peter Weir, with Robin Williams and Ethan Hawke, in the year of 1989, is presented with a critical one to the traditional model and conservative of the education approaching the transformations of a group of pupils of a school would second American, from the position of a literature professor whose ideas relate the education to the life, being this educator a former-pupil presented for Robin author Williams, interpreting Keating professor. The institution cousin for its basic principles: tradition, honor, discipline and excellency. Such values are the foundations of the education not only of the institution more than a great number of schools that understands the education by means of the function of mantenedora of the education when reproducing the set of norms that conduct the behavior human being and the transmission of history and of the culture as well as the repressora function, of consists as an instrument of control and reserve for which the citizen in the learning is a depositary of a set of norms that starts to assume as being its. The proposal of education of professor Jonh Keating breaches the traditional model when defying the pedagogical ideas pointing out the learning in the life experiences, in thinking and in acting of each educating placing it with citizen of its learning to the wakening the creativity when I dialogue creating it and the possibility to be agents of its learning, however, the methods of used by this educator in the learning process is an incentive the pupils thinking by themselves making with that this creative, interacionista, construtivista and pensante method creates a shock with the orthodox direction of the college.

Author: Jackie