Recreation and Iron Age

It's true, look out for! Ukok plateau – it is not permanent. The weather in this location is variable and capricious: a few minutes ago to clear skies were no clouds, and suddenly the sky veiled clouds begin dozhdina. Therefore, if you wish to visit the Plateau Ukok, expect anything. In the corner of the world an abundance of beautiful and special places. And how many secrets and legends exist about the Ukok … We got professional guide, he told a lot of our group on this site reserved. Ukok plateau in one language, but I forgot exactly what is translated as "Listen to heaven!". This is the place its name.

Tops of mountains so high that it seems they cling to the white clouds, and they, in turn, somehow sometimes develop in step. According to the instructor, this happens quite often. Watching this scene, it begins to seem as if just about anyone walked from the sky. A lot of interesting places preserved Ukok Plateau. In my journey I found time to look at Bertekskuyu Pisanyza. Located on the cliff of Kyzyl-Tas.

It shows approximately one hundred and twenty characters. As I understand it, the nation, which existed here before, dorisovyvat it throughout its existence. The oldest pictures added to the early Iron Age. It is possible to see people and animals, hunters and their future prey, deer and much more. And she is surrounded by cliffs and Pisanyza it gives it an exceptional view. Having been on the mountain Molybdenum (2723 meters) you can see a few galleries. But most of them available. Survived only a single. We have gone through it 30 yards, however, expect a gloomy view, but fascinating. The walls of dripping water, ice and debris crumbling building – a great place for those who want to experience a bit of an atmosphere in which worked the local coal miners. Very vivid emotions I experienced from radon sources. The temperature of water in them attain to the level of about 20 degrees Celsius, and throughout the year remains almost unchanged. These baths are known for their recreational effect. Here to improve their health and come to Altai Kazakhs. Altai, in principle, quite amusing nation. After talking with them, you feel even more respect for their traditions and tales. On the way back, sitting on the bus, I summed up his holiday in the Altai Mountains. And I realized that I myself would like to talk about the Altai as an unprecedentedly beautiful corner of the earth. And what I've read online, was true. I express my gratitude to all staff and guides primarily a tour operator company 'Robinson', who organized my stay in the Altai Mountains.

Author: Jackie