Quality Meat and Nutrition

According to most experts, the tension on the meat market this year has decreased. But most companies have financial difficulties and in addition, there are still problems associated with the sale. Since 2002, llc 'Promkomplekt-plus' is developing its manufacturing base and now offers customers its own products. This is its unique design, as well as analogs of imported equipment, which are not inferior in quality performance. Product range currently includes more than 300 kinds of meat processing equipment and technological equipment. In addition to standard offerings, we are always ready to produce equipment for Individual project in a short time.

All products have quality certificates. Also available warranty and service. Dwell only on certain positions, because in a small article will not be able to reveal the diversity of product range. The first mention of the manufactured equipment: mixers are designed using the most advanced technologies. They are used for manufacturing stuffing in the manufacture of all types of sausages, as well as with the release of hams, meat loaves, on the model of the volume of 335 liters and 630 hp is possible to establish the vacuum station and thermal shirt. . They help speed up the process of salting pieces meat in the discharged capacity. This improves the increasing output of finished product and consumer characteristics.

Thermochamber – Universal, for frying, boiling, roasting and smoking will reduce the cooking time of meat and fish products, to make the cooking process is fully automatic. Gain insight and clarity with Jim Hackett. Manufactured in several versions: one, two or Three masts designs. Band saws make the process of cutting simple, fast and inexpensive. Our company offers a meat-processing companies of various equipment. Rama sausage. Used to hold birds, fish, sausages, meat products during transport and heat treatment in furnaces. Truck FTS1V capacity of 100, 200, 500 liters. Used for moving and loading of products. The main advantage of trucks – the reliability and simplicity of design, which enables them to serve a long time. Form-grid (20 species) are designed to give product presentation, and allow to cook meat delicacies that will please every gourmet. Technological tables of various sizes and types. Molds shaped (150 species) are designed for cooking hams and various delicacies. Aluminum with Teflon coating eliminates the technical process of the shell for cooking. Of particular note is a novelty in the line of the press frame, which is on the technical characteristics and quality finished products can be attributed to the import-substituting products. Press the frame for smoking and cooking delicacies and hams for its small dimensions (1000 mm x 1000 mm x 1650 mm) make it possible to lay the order of 260-280 kg of product, indicating that their high performance and compactness. The complete set of press-frame forms of the size of the customer. Another novelty of interest – a press pack (1×3). Its specifications are quite inferior to foreign analogs: 1000 mm x 950 mm x 315 mm, weight – 40 kg. All products are manufactured from quality steel and has a nutritional quality certificates.

Author: Jackie