The deductive reasoning from the natural logic where the innate capacity of the mind is maintained to carry out the tasks of certain inferenciales rules that is to say, the competition – to the mental models in which the reasoning is elaborated by representations that can be derived from the perception and from the language. The elaboration and test of hypothesis: analogy like model of scientific thought; the implicit theories and the theories of representacional redescripcin; the verification of hypothesis for the acquisition of concepts and as we continued seeing that even the scientists see their task like the confirmation more than the falsacin of hypothesis. In the judgments of probability and heuristic decision making its and slanted ones (anchorages, correlations ilusorias), the accessibility of the information. Of how from the daily reasoning and the formal one they share equivalent structures; or as from the informal reasoning we got to solve problems badly defined and decision making in uncertainty situation. Finally the thought descontextualizado, in context and the creativity, being different itself in individualistic methodologic the normative character from first from exposition of closed and experimental character happening to the present of the Psychology of the present thought where methods of feedback, construction, cooperation and motivation, the cultural thing, the symbolic thing, the desiderative, narrative thought form the new ones tools of this moment.

The reflection has then been at any moment, from as the ideas and as arise these are hyped by our context, as these are developed, what is its process. And mainly we have learned the hilaridad that goes from the concepts and their different combinations expressed through language, the direct influence that they have on the thought and as it is arrived at the acts. The debates that we have been able to develop are the expression of the rationality, how and from where our knowledge are argued, our experiences and like we have looked for, worked to give not only our perspective him but working to overlap them with the theories that we have handled in the semester.

Author: Jackie