Professional Goals

Plans: professionally many staff adrift promises: many were promised and almost no accomplished goals: many, more difficult to reach, just fight longings: from deep within mine, with all my senses and feelings desires: thousands, some today and here even later memories: good and bad at the end only memories, but my water: purity, life, more helps me sink me but swim Earth: where I give steps that sometimes leave footprint, and that another may delete air: what breathe every morning and sometimes gives me pain breathing fire: me what really warms, where I burn every time that your: not only part of my past, but my present, but I have sueltate past: beautiful and grey but wrong or not I learned and am still learning this: God, and all his precepts planned for my future: God and whatever comes if you come by I’ll be waiting for you. as girl tomorrow: not what, only that nothing, that my life is still by your side or not but is that you exist and that is enough for me. Beware the soul would like to but you do not leave me. Still want to know what it means in my life? Is not it enough know you’re part of my heart? I’ll give you my whole life if necessary, but that isn’t sufficient Stefany R.

Author: Jackie