Princpiales Changes In Women After Pregnancy Pregnancy

It seems that everything but doubts before pregnancy, but really after birth there are many issues that mothers who have their first child are also raised. After birth, the mother can be released within twenty-four hours, but must do so under supervision and with caution since it is weak and may experience dizziness. Actually, the mother will come before 24 since urinate between two to four hours and you will notice discomfort in the bladder. Thus, with the emptying of the bladder, the uterus may regress correctly. With regard to personal hygiene, showers should be very short to avoid prolonged contact with the scar. On the second or third day if no complications, the mother can return to word1 and begin to perceive changes in their morphology.

First, the uterus is a wound caused by the placenta that leads to lochia acquaintances, which are red or yellowish substances result of various tissues and secretions. It is normal to have bleeding time, although it should clear up within the month or the fifth week. Compresses Cotton will be the main element of this phase are to be changed frequently. Do not expect to already very wet. The wound should be washed with soap and water. The soap should be neutral, such as coconut or other indicated for this purpose. This operation must be repeated at least twice a day, and use for the wound dry sterile gauze. To dry properly is not necessary to drag, enough to give hints as when we heal a wound in our daily lives.

Author: Jackie