Prevent Travel Sickness

Fresh air and front sitting many people suffer from travel sickness. Especially longer car trips make to create them. The vehicle Portal reveals some tips that will ensure a carefree start to the holiday. Everyone is more or less prone to travel sickness. By unusual movements such as the curvaceous car or bus driving, various stimuli affecting the balance system in the inner ear. Man not constantly pursuing the causes of these movements with the eyes, the brain can not allocate these stimuli in the inner ear, and registers it as an error message.

Nausea and vomiting are the result. Most children suffer from between the second and the twelfth year of life. Often, simple things help to prevent travel sickness. In other cases, drugs are the only solution. In the car, passengers always in direction of travel should sit, straight set eyes, and not sideways to look out the window. It is best to take a seat next to the driver, and not in the Fund. Frequent breaks in the fresh air are very helpful.

Generally, auto travellers before the journey should take just easily digestible meals and abstain from alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. Who tends to the travel sickness, should not read as a passenger and also no map or map study. Should these preventive measures do not help, drugs are a solution. Several medicines against travel sickness are available at the pharmacy. Most commonly used non-prescription supplements of the substance group Dimenhydrinate. If you prefer, however, herbal alternatives, can chew a piece of ginger root raw before commencement of travel or drink ginger tea. But also ginger tablets show a good preventative effect. More information: ../Tipps-gegen-Reiseuebelkeit Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

Author: Jackie