Potency Disorders

Unfortunately, not always the best part is playing with as a man or woman it wants. It’s like the workout in the gym. Muscles are not subjected to a lengthy break, they reduce their power and they regress rapidly. So it is with an erection. If the penis is not long claimed, he may have trouble holding themselves to. The end of the song is then depression, frustration, and then connected with the listlessness. So man is quickly becoming sexless person. Biologically, the man is at least every night in training. During the night and morning to stiffen the penis on several occasions. This is the biological training. Through the night exercise, the vessels are better supplied with oxygen and trains the smooth muscles of the spongy body. Good penile blood flow is a prerequisite for long-lasting potency. How can a power failure or impotence Potency disorders may possibly be attributed to poor blood circulation. This can determine the urologist. But that is no reason to hang their heads.Inadequate blood flow can be improved through sport. However, because cycling is less suitable. While cycling the blood supply is prevented by the saddle. Sports, built where the thigh muscle and will be trained, endurance sports such as rowing or running are ideal for muscle building. The non-visible pelvic floor muscles is functionally connected to the penis, but is unfortunately too little attention. If those muscles are flabby, the best piece can be quickly collapsed. Sex keeps you healthy and fit! Sex is the most optimal training for blood flow to the penis. Not only the soul benefits from kissing, caressing and gentle massage. Physically, stress hormones are reduced, the happiness hormone dopamine is released and gives us a feeling of elation and the hormone oxytocin strengthens the bond between the partners. After an orgasm of prolactin increases and the effect that you yourself really feel satisfied and full. During orgasm, the blood vessels and skin are better blood circulation and oxygenation of the body is optimal. WeBreathe deeply, so that the organs are well ventilated. Those who actively live their sexuality, may also reduce the risk of prostate disease such as prostate cancer. If you have good sex, want more of it! Even an old folk wisdom is: With the food comes the appetite. It’s just sex. Who has a good, satisfying sex life, would not be without it. Also contributes to disinterest in men and women to bed depressed. Thus if you have no sex for a long time, also reduces the desire for it. Abstinence leads to a decline in men the hormone testosterone in the blood. Thus the sexual organs and the blood vessels become worse. If one trains the penis, but with an erection, it enhances the smooth muscles of the buttocks area and it remains dynamic. What can help with impotence or power disturbances Research has made it possible for men who may suffer from prolonged power failure, will be helped. One can, in consultation with their urologist or family doctor can prescribe so-called potency pills. The name Viagra,Cialis or Levitra sure everyone has heard it all. Because the pills have a relatively long duration of action, men can enjoy sex without having to keep the clock need to have in view. Potency pills are intended primarily for men with existing power disturbances. However, there are a few exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the thighs. These exercises are a good training to be able to enjoy a long and fulfilling sex lives. Penis skipping workout: Running on the spot, and while they raise their knees up as far as possible. The pace should be changed. They run faster and sometimes slower. After five times a change, they can treat themselves to a ten-minute break. Pelvic swing: Embark they are in the squat and close the legs so that they touch. Clasp arms behind his head and tighten the buttocks firmly. Just imagine, they would hold a coin between the buttocks. Then they push the pelvis forward a few times.Repeat this exercise several times and they make sure that the voltage is held. Tip: If you are at a red light, they can also squeeze your buttocks and imagine they held a coin. This exercise is possible everywhere and no one notices anything. Pelvic Lift: Lie on your back and bend your legs slightly. The knees should be about hip distance apart. They Put your hands beside the hips and spreading it to the pelvis and back muscles. They lift the pelvis slightly off the ground. Hold this position for several seconds and widen the tension. Pay attention to this exercise on a regular breathing and they move either his legs or shoulders. Repeat the exercise several times. Despite all the exercises, they should also devote themselves of togetherness with their partner. For tenderness and togetherness inspire the body and mind and strengthen their relationship. Is also important to always open in terms of sexuality!

Author: Jackie