People Words

The speed is impressive at that I am surprised at the people. All we are different one of other intellectually speaking we are truth, but I confess that the minds that I walk crossing for there to frighten obtain me. I only want peace, is difficult to live in peace? It is possible in giving with all the other people well to them who live to our redor? Still they remain hopes and vestiges of beings that talk and if they help to walk all in the same direction? They are questions that I strengthen myself very to find the answers unhappyly the world I go of badly worse and our leaders attend of berth the people if to verwhelm. It would only like that you stopped to think per two minutes as it is its social life. If it inside has hurts of you, obscure feelings and doubtful in relation to another person, if it has, I consider that it takes off this of inside of you.

One remembers, we tomorrow harvest what we plant today, this is fact pra all we. If to make the possible one so that each word that to say, to be words of respect, words of confidence and affection, encouraging and optimistical words, the people who hearing will be you will start to admire it and the respect that could be shaken goes to come back of course. It makes a test. I know that it is difficult to coexist people who already had harmed in them or made something that she marked its life at one definitive moment, but are necessary to pass over this and to recommence, to evolve we depend on this. We pass constantly for provaes, then Liberte its mind of all these spots had made that you to somatizar problems that could have been decided of coesa form. Unification of the people this is my dream who I share today with vocs. We go to transmit the peace to all the moments of our lives, and with this we will reach our truth. Debtor to that they had been able to read my thoughts and that they support my dream. We go to improve our blue planet inside starting of pra it are. Abraos.

Author: Jackie