Hyoscyamine extends pupils. Wine decoction of the roots is prescribed for Parkinson's disease. With the leaves and roots are atropine. Collection. The leaves are harvested during the flowering period, in June-July, 3-4 times as their regrowth.

Pluck at the base of the leaf blade. Immediately dried in the shade. Roots are usually harvested in the fall (September – October) from plants of the second year. Harvest only the fleshy, succulent side the roots, removing the woody base of the main root. Dried in a shaded, well-ventilated areas. The whole plant is poisonous, that should be considered when collecting and drying: not to touch the nose, eyes, lips, and after work wash your hands.

Machinery. Belladonna water-loving plant. In the first year is growing slowly, while the second and subsequent years producing good shrubs and roots. Optimal conditions for seed germination ranged 20-25 C. The Stairs develop slowly. The above-ground portion of plants completely die at a temperature of -4-5 , and again during warming grows from the root collar. In belladonna, according to the GN Kotukov (1964), should be given a fertile land, protected from and freezing winds with moderate to high humidity. Good yields Belladonna gives cultivated soils with medium and light texture, with a strong structure. Good results are obtained in the backyard crop rotation: vegetables, fodder, luchnih.udobryaemymi precursors are clean pairs, winter, going on a couple of fertilized, tilled crops, for which fertilized. Cultivation of soil tillage with winter fallow begin a depth of 25 – 27 cm, and the soils with a shallow layer of topsoil – the full depth of the plow with his skimmers.

Author: Jackie