Oxygen Enrichment

3. Oxygen enrichment in all weather conditions should be chosen for a walk. At least for 20 minutes, a refreshing breath of air and positive charge. Even on a cloudy day daylight stimulates the production of hormones of pleasure, which are so lacking in the winter. You also need to be aired more often, where you are, and where possible humidify the air. Saturated with oxygen and help breathing exercises. Just a few minutes a day can help 'to air mozgi'-energize and gain clarity of thought. For breath and can of cocktail-oxygen.

Good These mixtures are now quite feasible to purchase. Producers argue that this two-hour cocktail party will replace the walk in the woods. The main thing is that a single portion of a couple of times a week. Otherwise, oxygen enrichment can result in stomach upset. 4. A balanced diet in winter nutritionists strongly recommend experimenting with rigid diets. In this bleak period, the body just needs power, energy and nutrients the main sources of which are considered a balanced diet. It is extremely important hot food (vegetable soups, steamed vegetables, legumes).

The breakfast will suit a variety of cereals, eggs in any form, cheesecakes and puddings. In weekly diet be sure to include dishes from the liver, fish and vegetables, including frozen. Nalyagayte especially for cabbage of various kinds, red peppers, green beans. Compensate for a deficiency of vitamins and mikroelimentov help multivitamin complexes, some of them will choose a therapist. 5. Professional help in winter, more than ever, actual spa programs that not only help hone your silhouette dramatically improve skin condition and hair, but also promote production of endorphins are responsible for good mood. These include massage, skrabirovanie, hydrating mask, oil wrap, paraffin therapy. Compositions for them is a concentrate of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, which intensively moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin while protecting against harmful environmental factors. What not to do – abuse hot water, taking a shower or bath. It deprives the skin precious moisture. Ideally, the water temperature should not exceed 36s – Exposing skin to extreme temperatures. Therefore, as would be desirable to shove frozen hands under hot water or a jet of a fan, wait at least 10 minutes. Let your skin get used to the new temperature. – Use a gel toothpaste – in winter it often causes irritation and dryness of the lips and skin around the mouth.

Author: Jackie