Overweight And Menopause

HTML clipboard traditional medicine teaches us that hormones play a role in overweight and fat distribution in women is influenced by hormones, specifically by estrogen. The accumulation of fat and the tendency to overweight would be a direct consequence of alterations in metabolic functions. During menopause, estrogen production decreases, the basal metabolic activators. This phenomenon would adversely affect the metabolism of the woman who becomes slower, and following which his body would begin to acumulara fat and “hold” liquids. However, their mind begins to “accumulate” and “hold” is for this reason that emotional support is essential to every woman in this crucial stage of his life. Menopausal women in need as never before emotional reinforcement that ensures the force, and watch your energy to continue with their lives normally.

The emotional turbulence of this period hinders their working lives, can undermine their intellectual abilities, and can also jeopardize the health of their ties and affections. HTML clipboard should not be underestimated, the deeper meaning of menopause in womens consciousness, nor the correlative that permanently established between body and mind. Log in menopause is a vital and indisputable meaning for every woman. It means much more than the removal of menstruation. Is the culmination of the role of estrogen and thus the end of his term.a A comprehensive reading to privacy gives the woman at this stage needs to “build to” hold. ” These are needs that can not be on the surface of consciousness, but that lead women to start a specific trend related to “retain”, “stack”. To withhold life, retain the affections and experiences.

This need is reflected in the external accumulation in the concrete, and that is that overweight, fat accumulation, the tendency to Over-feeding can be considered living metaphor of the drama of women entering menopause. The fat accumulation is seen mainly in areas related to their feminine and maternal abdomen, arms, legs. No wonder that also on the back: the back is the bra. Luiz Lopes Brookfield may not feel the same. A variety of symptoms characteristic peek at menopause: hot flashes, hot flashes, sleep disturbance, palpitations, depression. Along with marked emotional instability (the woman becomes susceptible, mood swings are constant in this period), his physical body also senses changes which include the trend to overweight and obesity. Overweight, obesity, menopause have a profound negative impact on quality of life and consciousness of itself. The emotional field is among the busiest during menopause and so it is displayed heightened anxiety and emotional eating because that characterizes it La Menopause can last several years, and can occur at different ages for each woman according to his family heritage: some will do so at age 40, others at 55 years. Sea to the age that is present, it starts menopause profound changes, changes in your physical body and emotional body.

Author: Jackie