Out-of-the-Box Exercise Ideas

Still haven’t found the perfect way for you to exercise? Have you ever thought of belly-dancing as a way to burn some calories, strengthen your heart, and have some fun, too? Well then, let’s think about it now.

Belly dancing as a form of exercise is rapidly gaining in popularity, and you should know that there is no obligation to expose your belly. On the contrary, belly dancing exercise classes are conducted in the usual athletic wear worn in most other types of fitness classes. An added item, such as a scarf or a belt can be worn around the hips to increase hip-awareness, but no skimpy, “I Dream of Jeannie” outfit is necessary.

This is an especially good class for women that might have some issues with the comfort level or confidence they have in their bodies, as confidence and comfort levels greatly improve with the practice of this form of exercise. The focus of belly dancing is on isolating and moving individual abdominal muscles, and strengthening those muscles through repetitive motion.

Depending on the level of the class you are in, belly dancing can be highly aerobic, and can improve one’s posture, coordination, and rhythm in addition to improving the practitioner’s general health level. And think how much fun you would have, too!

Author: Jackie