The omission of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. Typically, mode of wearing corset belt defines the doctor or consultant Orthopedic salon. But in general we can say about the following rules to wear lumbar braces and orthoses: corset belt can be used throughout the day. The optimal wearing time 8 hours per day. For the prevention of signs of malnutrition paravertebral muscles every 2-3 hours of wearing needed a break of up to 15 minutes, during which the belt must be removed or significantly relax. During the day and rest Time to sleep at night to shoot.

In the preventive mode are recommended for use during times of high physical (dynamic and static) loads up to 4 hours. Corset belts are matched in size to selection to measure waist circumference or hip circumference (depending on the design of the waist) Select corset belts are best left to a specialist. But the patient can assess the correctness of the recommendation and selection of belts using a simple assessment of their own feelings. First, the belt should fit snugly to the body surface, or should not be bristling ridge Secondly, the pressure zone on the body should not be redundant, but hang out Seen on TV, too, should not. Third, the design and location of stiffeners should provide uniform support and distribution of load on the spine and surrounding muscles. Fourthly, during the habitual actions (Movements) the patient should not feel like impediment belt, the product should be virtually invisible (should be felt only in a compression of the lateral and anterior abdominal wall). Feeling zone must appear at extreme movements (deep bending forward or sideways). Using the corset belt is now recognized the best way to support and unloading of the lumbar spine during the day.

Considered mandatory wearing of the belt during the course of treatment of lower back. Recommended wearing belts with heavy physical work, lifting heavy objects, while working in the country, while repairing the car. In all these cases, corset belt will be essential prevention silt excellent remedy, the application of which will save you from problems with the loin. Volchenkov, Alexander, Project Coordinator

Author: Jackie