Organization Weight

The IMC are a simple method of if to measure the corporal fat, was developed in Belgium for the statistician and antropometrista, Adolphe Qutelet, equation is calculated dividing the weight of the individual in kilos for the square of its height in meters (: IMC = kg/m2); (WIKIPDIA, 2010). The difference of an individual obeso and a fat person is referring to the calculation of the IMC, after the calculation is used a table (other detailed tables exist more), the World-wide Organization of Health uses the following table of ideal weight for the IMC: SituaoIMC in adults below of the weight idealabaixo of 18,5 in the weight idealentre 18,5 and 25 above of 30 the 30 weight idealentre 25 and obesoacima of Source: World-wide organization of Health In individuals with muscular hipertrofia, this calculation is not efficient, therefore the same ones iram to get one IMC high one, of this form, must be taken in consideration to the adiposa fat, using a more minute evaluation. The mrbida, called obesidade exists ' ' mrbida' ' , therefore it brings I obtain patologias associates who obeso can come to present, occurs when the IMC exceed 40, meaning that the weight excess became a risk the health, confusing even in the locomotion, varying of the case. The mrbida obesidade presents the appearance of diabetes, arterial hipertenso, cardiac insufficience, apnea of sleep, impotence in the men, infertility in the women and air lack lesser year effort. The same one can present social problems (irregularity in the work, loss of job, difficulty to carry through simple tasks, to walk of bus and until if moving in house) and psychological (affective and sexual difficulties, feeling of isolation, discrimination and frustration in relation to clothes). The cause of the mrbida obesidade is associates to eating in excess, fast excessively, lack of exercises, genetic predisposition and psychological factors.

Author: Jackie