New Sales

The first one to be mounted in Belo Horizonte was oCERSAM Mire in the year of 1993.ARede of SadeMental in BH is composed for seven CERSAMs, distributed in the regional ones of the metropolis, therefore, the seguintesunidades exist: Mire, the Northwest, East, Pampulha, Northeast, New Sales and West. The tmjornada CERSAMs of twelve hours, 7h to 19h, every day of the week, inclusiveferiados. Currently the units Pampulha and East function 24 hours. Each umpossui 06 stream beds,> taking care of to the necessities of it spends the night of the excessively regional ones (of the too much centers) of mining capital e, eventually, of regions of seuentorno. OCERSAM has as proposal the attendance of psychic urgencies, as well as oacompanhamento of patients of mental health in crisis, that is, psychotic serious eneurticos, egresses or not of the traditional hospital system. Suasequipes of professionals is formed, in general, for psychologists, occupational therapists, social nurses, assistants and psychiatrists. Aspessoas that arrives at the units is taken care of readily by one of seusprofissionais of planto.

Two technician are assigned as acada reference case, being one of the technician, a medical psychiatrist and as tcnicoocupa, mainly of listening to the patient. (Independently of the type deencaminhamento that the patient received, that it also can) For each elaborado patient a plan of specific treatment. The use modalities dInstituio are diverse. It has enrolled patients in the permanence-day, this it is, they all remain the day or part of it in the CERSAM and return late for its homes in fimda. The frequency of this permanence is sufficiently changeable. With aestabilizao of the picture of the patient, together the manifestation of its interessepor to leave to frequent the Service daily and, at last, with endorsement daequipe, the patients in permanence-day will be able to pass to the ambulatorial regimen. In this in case that, the user will go to the CERSAM in the definite regularity pelosprofissionais of its reference, as much for medicine search, how much for clinical oatendimento.

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