Medication and Dietary Supplements

Even easier – a drug tested on people under state control and the check proved the benefits of medication, while dietary supplements, at best, checked for the absence of toxicity and injury on the application. Sometimes manufacturers of food supplements and all kinds of roots hold their trials on humans, but the results of these tests are not formal clinical trials and their reliability may be very doubtful. So, let's just apart from the whole mess of problems associated with bio-additives. They have nothing to do with drugs and drug quality are not. It's just a commercial product, which enriches the seller and the buyer gives the impression (which is largely created by advertising supplements). Mark burnett is actively involved in the matter. Pharmaceutical development and its risks original medicine starts with an idea. The idea is transformed into some kind of scientific work, which describes how the drug would treat, as it will be taken by mouth, as removed from the body and, most importantly for consumers, which may be injurious consequences from the use of drugs. The correctness of this idea and further research is the key to the success of medicine in the future.

The whole set of such documentation to verify the supervisory authority of the state. Watching around as a state controls other aspects of our lives, we can guess and by analogy to assess the level of control. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics Based on research a new drug is tested on animals (usually mice). Objective – to understand how the drug is circulating inside the body and how it heals.

Author: Jackie