Lip Make-Up

Lip Make-up is, of course, the selection and application of lipstick. The choice of lipstick can be successful, or completely ruin the make-up lips. Ctaraytes buy only high quality lipstick. Often visit the women's magazine. Whereby learn many new things for myself. It turns out there are many nuances to achieve beautiful makeup lips: Before applying makeup, clean the lip tonic. It is desirable to apply a layer of foundation or powder. This will help lipstick uniformly distributed, as well as longer stay on the lips.

First, be sure to consider your face shape. For a round face is better not to draw the curved contours. For a narrow-mouth should be thoroughly makeup shiny lipstick. Using the contour of the lips, you can make the lips fuller visually. You just need to outline above the natural lip line.

Consider the color of lipstick. Young girls can certainly use the most provocative and bright shades. But the women are older, I advise you to use elegant, pink or light brown in color. Use darker shades for evening makeup. Since the day this lipstick looks out of place and cheap. Not Remember that the right to select or eyes or lips. If the emphasis is on the eyes, it is better to do make-up lips with frosted shades. If on the contrary, then you can safely add brightness and juiciness of your mouth. And the main secret makeup lips, choose the right color lipstick the color of his eyes. If you have brown or black eyes – then fit lipstick with a yellow tinge, and it will look nice on my lips red and brown tones. For blue eyes, fit lipstick with a soft shade of blue. For the green and gray – light-colored lipstick. Going on a date select the eyes, if you want to show your mind. And if you like men and flirt, then of course, his lips! After all, subconsciously to men's eyes, heart, and lips, body. Thus, you will be able to express their attitude to men. Expressing serious, or vice versa-ease. And of course do not forget to drink vitamins! After all, they help to preserve and enhance our beauty!

Author: Jackie