The thorough collection is the foundation that we just offer help get our residents, they need for my team and me. Further details can be found at Cindy Crawford, an internet resource. I am pleased that we can complement these offers through our wellness offers, such as foot massage and a bath,”, the Casa completed Rehab – home Director. Casa Reha has appointed head of nursing home mill farm”two female executives. The Supreme leadership of home with experienced experts in care for the elderly is occupied with Ruth Fursch as head of home and nursing service manager and maintenance Manager Sigrid Fornacon. First, the 49 year old Ruth Fursch completed her training as a nurse in southern Germany. After over 20 years professional experience and the move to Kassel, the married mother of two adult children on the second educational path completed her high school diploma and entered then academic terrain. With a university degree as a master’s degree of in political science and sociology and the additional qualifications in the station, nursing care and home management you five years ago to her nursing roots “returned. Until last August, she worked as a home manager in Ahnatal.

The 50-year old nursing Director Sigrid Fornacon completed her training as a nurse in Hamburg. The married mother of four children to the reviewer of the medical service of the health insurance companies and the specialist palliative care to qualify through several career from Cologne to Kassel. She deepened their qualifications by studying nursing management and training as a senior care worker. In recent years she worked as head of care services an ambulatory care services in Ahnatal and as LehrBeauftragte for elderly care in Kassel. Their responsibility is the implementation of high quality standards of Casa Reha group of companies and the professional leadership of the nursing staff. In around 12 months of construction, the Casa is “Rehab the attractive nursing home mill yard” finished.

Author: Jackie