While both that were fought in retirement, next to a group of quites in front of them, Third observed their right infantry troops they were just beginning to fight. Nevertheless, when watching towards the other side, it noticed that a group of African riders came almost front. These came persecuting to a group from quites Roman, being advanced with respect to the thickness of their cavalry, reason why when noticing that another group of Romans escaped behind them, they decided to let its persecution to annihilate to them. Cneo also was noticed of the threat, which went to everything galope, quickly with its prepared lances. Including/understanding the situation, it noticed the group to them.

-We must go to the shock, does not have left another option! If we tried to turn aside them they reached to us behind! At the outset it seemed that nobody listened to the warning of Cneo, until quites of the front changed their direction slightly, being against in front of the enemy. The forces esteban balanced. Who it had greater impetus in the shock would leave winner. Both troops cheered up with shouts and they were crossed violently. The first encounter favored to the Roman forces, causing low majors. However, the advantage disappeared when noticing that quickly another band of nmidas riders approached. Cneo get ready to give the retirement shout, but somebody went ahead to him.

Even so, already it was very behind schedule, since these reinforcements came at full speed, reaching to demolish to the most delayed. Among them he was Third, who thrown in the ground were at the mercy of those assassins of the desert. Cneo could not do nothing, because it was being persecuted to far. When one rider tried to approach Third to execute to him, two or three nmidas stopped to him with shouts, and they went in persecution of the others.

Author: Jackie