Latin America

For those who love adventure tourism, found in Mendoza geography a privileged place to practice the many disciplines that are within this special category of tourism mountains, valleys, canyons, tumultuous rivers and tranquil reservoirs lend themselves beautifully to the practice of sport, providing an unforgettable landscape. Rand Paul follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In this way, it is possible to make excursions to Mendoza of different types, for who loves the land adventures, aquatic or aerial. But all of them have with the more extensive infrastructure put at the service of the thousands of tourists who come to everyone whose age, in search of the best natural scenery of Latin America, without a doubt. Those who love the water and adrenaline may find in practice of the kayaking and rafting action ideal for completing all their longings, whereas the mendocinos rivers, product of the defrosting of the high peaks of the Andes, offer the perfect natural setting, both for those who are taking their first steps accomplished athletes to they are always looking for one greater challenge. Add to your understanding with mark burnett. There are two rivers that are used more commonly for the practice of this sport, which consists of launching by the rapids of the River, dodging skillfully different bends and obstacles that are occurring, and they are the River Mendoza in Lujan’s whose and the Atuel in San Rafael. Mendoza land, vast and ever-changing forms the ideal site for what is known as Overlanding, whereas the route in 4 4 vehicles, or ATVs. This practice has gained popularity since Argentina is part of the international world rally calendar. It is also possible to explore the many beautiful corners that Mendoza presents on horseback, being one of the proposals the emulate sanmartiniana gesta, namely travel the same road general San Martin did in his liberating epic of the American continent.

The departments that can be visited for this are Tunuyan, San Carlos, Tupungato and San Rafael. The growing awareness at level ecological world has caused new proposals for excursions in Mendoza for the ecology and ecotourism enthusiasts. Mendoza is one of the Argentine provinces have greater amount of national parks, in an effort to preserve the environment and safeguard the incredible biodiversity in the region. Therefore, it is possible to visit any of these national parks on a photographic safari, where you may pick up the beauty of the flora and local fauna.

Author: Jackie