Landhotel Sportalm

Holiday in delightful way in the Landhotel Sportalm with special wine offer wine is a gem of human cultural achievement! No other beverage is presented in such tremendous diversity and accompanies us in completely different way at changing moods and occasions. The availability was never so universal as they are today. The country hotel Sportalm in Bavaria, for years a guarantee for enjoyment during the holiday invites you to a large wine-. wellness weekend from 1st-3rd. October 2010, also for guests with dog. Kidnap the sommelier Benno Wurster is the smell taste feel in the world”.

Impressive, you can experience how to marry food with wine and the experience of the senses! Whether it is port and dark chocolate or cheese & wine special any weddings, by the variety of wine be amazed! The framework programme nationalpark-bayerischer-wald/landzimmer_preise/angebot7.php includes a wine seminar, a tasting menu, a massage and many stimulating conversations. Under the Interesting topics round wine moderation of the Sommeliers “offered, to spend in an environment in which the guest also finds time to forget everyday life and time with his dog. Landhotel Sportalm in Bavaria is exactly the right place also for dogs to the rest. An extensive range of dog supplies are available: for example a dog bed in the room, a dog bar with dry food and fresh water, treats for the palate of the dog, dog towels, and much more. If it goes well mistress and master in the holiday, it should lack of course the four-legged nothing. In a beautiful location, surrounded by meadows and forests, overlooking the Bohemian Forest country hotel Sportalm offers the right trappings for a weekend or even longer to enjoy the hospitality of Bavaria. Landhotel Sportalm family Hubig Balcom-Bishop-Firmian-str. 21 94158 Philippsreut-Mitterfirmiansreut Tel. 08557/200 Mitterfirmiansreut, the 28.08.2010 Beate Hubig Balcom

Author: Jackie