Lack Of Energy? Check Thyroid

Constant fatigue and sleepiness, or vice versa tearfulness and irritability, it is a signal of problems with the thyroid gland. In the late fall – early winter, even some quite healthy hormones slows thyroid gland. This is one of the important causes of seasonal decline of immunity and metabolism. Most sensitive to disruption of thyroid hormone, central nervous system. The first symptoms are associated with the violation functions of the cerebral cortex. Man becomes easily excitable, irritable over trifles, whiny, gets tired easily, even from minor stress.

Following parishes insomnia and depressive mood. Not accidentally literate psychotherapists first thing in sending patients with such symptoms to the endocrinologist. If time does not recognize a violation of thyroid hormone, over time it may turn out: a decrease in intelligence, the advent of frequent headaches due to increased intracranial pressure. Decrease in hemoglobin level. Frequent infections and colds due to secondary immunodeficiency.

Chronic swelling around eye. The women – menstrual dysfunction in men – lower potency. important! What examinations are needed for prevention: Examination endocrinologist not less than 2 times per year. Test for thyroid hormone levels (a special analysis blood). Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland. Radionuclide scan (shows the level of saturation with iodine tissue cancer).

Author: Jackie