Kitchen Helpers

Herb scissors, oil spray, cooling bar or a degree more accurate water heater: Kitchen utensils you can never get enough. They are perfectly suitable as small attention. (tdx) When it comes to eating and drinking, large and small helpers are always welcome and much pleasure also those who have everything”. Who is looking for a gift idea or just wants to present itself, which will be at arshabitandi to determine the appropriate. For indoors and outdoors, big and small, from the small souvenir to the feudal wedding gift of DesignVersand offers the most diverse products. The herb scissors is known for a long time now and popular, matching there is a small herb garden, herbs keeps fresh absence itself for several days now. An integrated irrigation system makes it possible.

Water tank and herb pot are connected via a fiber optic wick. So water is ready always exactly then when the herbs need it. Also useful, and in addition “stylish eye-catcher on the dining room table: the dressing Shaker dressage”. Pour all ingredients, shake and then each guest can dispense the dressing perfectly even. (Similarly see: Cindy Crawford). “” Who it even finer “like, accesses the Tutto” pump sprayer back for oil and vinegar.

Taste and enjoyment is capitalized while, a drowning”lettuce is impossible. The perfect gift for the tea parties with the best friend is, however,”the bag sliding silo Lilli. The small bag is hung at the edge of the Cup and also the used tea bag filled with Amarettini, place in it. Included, more benefit on such a small space is not fun. Coffee and tea in the future succeed perfectly, there is another new feature in the DesignVersand arshabitandi: A Kettle, which precisely controls the temperature to the degree. The magic suitcase is then used, for the mixing of molecular cocktails to later hours. They have a jelly-like structure and can be enjoyed with a Happs the spoon down. Who likes it rather conventionally and his cocktails in the glass, may waive ice cubes in the future. The cool bar ice stick drop”cool each drink without watering it down. Put in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and it’s ready to use. A real feature ensures the right ambience at the table in the meantime an ice pack. Thaw”can conjure up an own ice candle again and again on the new. In a silicone mold, the ice is frozen and later forms a ring around the tea light. Due to its heat melts it during the evening there and results in interesting shapes and beautiful play of light. The design provides arshabitandi shipping all these useful and beautiful things and many more products from the areas of living and working on outdoor and wellness up to all sorts of gift ideas. Can be ordered simply via the online shop or the current catalog. This presents once a year all the news at arshabitandi ubersichtilich in image and text since 1996. Click here to go directly to the Online shop:. Tanja EST

Author: Jackie