Ivone Pear

The physical body imposes in them, according to it, many limitations. It inhibits so strong our 7 perceptions that nor Simonetti, 2000, p 123 we obtain to imagine the life in the etreos plans, even so let us come of there and has two ways to surpass the shades of the cave: The death, that can not be interesting if we leave without preparation, therefore the life spiritual will dim in them and it will disturb in them and we will be mentally ill of the reality. To another way it is through the exercise of our will – the knowledge – that will make possible in them to enxergar better and to extend ours horizontes. Then we will only see who we are of truth and who we do not assume to be, in the pale vision of the shades. Our interior improvement makes with that let us accustom in them to the clarity and let us not dim in them when to arrive our moment to leave the cave, or better, saying, ours corpo.8 Ivone Pear tree, in its book Memories of a suicidal one, alleges that ' ' no attempt for the moral reerguimento will be efficient to be continued prisoners to the ignorance of we ourselves.

He will be indispensable, first, to inquire who we are, of where we came and to where we will go, so that they convince in them the value of our proper personality and to its rise in let us dedicate … &#039 to them; '. 9 Kardec, in the Book of the Espritos, question 919, asks to the espritos: ' ' Half which the most efficient one than has the man of improving themselves in this life and resisting the attraction of the evil? ' ' In what he is answered that a scholar of the antiquity already had recommended: ' ' mesmo&#039 knows you it you; '.

Author: Jackie