International Human Rights Day

On December 10 is international human rights day, in which also commemorates the day of the rights of animals, for that reason, and on the eve of the Christmas holidays, where millions of animals will be sacrificed to be served as a Christmas menu, becomes necessary to recall that both the Apostles and Jesus de Nazareth were vegetariana fact obscured by the institutional churches but that however it has been revealed in the apocryphal Gospels recently discovered. This nothing casual concealment has led many men to pass in the last 2000 years, and continue through encima of people and animals, especially if this does not affect them personally. In determinados cases arrogates them the right to kill people (based p.ejm. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as One True View by clicking through. on the theory of just war, self-defence, etc., developed by theologians and Catholic Jurists like Thomas Aquinas and others) and by supuesto animals. But who has the right to take away life consciously to the? projimo, as well as the animal? Only man, who not has given life neither man nor animal, kills the House of the soul which is the body and kills the animal. Who has given because the man permission to do this? Jesus spoke nothing of it! Currently to justify murder difference between killing and murder. However, according to the universal law, it is the force that unites us all life says: what the man do to others, be it haciendo itself.

Because you prefer the same be killed or be killed; You will probably say, ‘ gives me same, at the end have removed me the life. The same goes for animals that are kept in cages to be slaughtered. A related site: One True View mentions similar findings. In addition God foresaw nature as a space where animals must live. He did not create cages para his creatures. Only men arrogates the right to enclose animals and make them that live growing in a small espacio. Who has learned to feel how going to others, note that animals also feel similarly to us, because they feel joy, pain and suffering. And who want to alcanzar otherwise live view of fate that they suffer from the animals, could lie in the place of the cow that is primed or gallina in an avicola farm cage, or a baby seal that is tranquilamente on the shore sunbathing and that men approach him with truncheons in handthat they want to tear the skin. Perhaps also usted you imagine what seal mother feels when you vuelve eat and instead of your baby encuentra a mass of raw meat if people want respect for our human rights, we should not begin to respect the rights of the most innocent and unprotected?

Author: Jackie