Innovations In Housing Code

The new Housing Code of the Russian Federation contains many innovations that have a number of sections and articles radical difference from the old lcd rsfsr, adopted in 1983 to regulate housing relationship, based on the principles socialist economy. In the Code have been made over time, various changes, taking into account the real needs, but they do not satisfy them fully. You can identify key innovations lcd rf. The Code clearly delineates the levels of responsibility of government – federal, regional and local levels. Much of his articles is "direct" nature, ie does not require additional legislative support and interpretation. The advantages of lcd include rf lack of publicity promises that were once issued by the state, but not always followed.

In the lcd of the Russian Federation, in contrast to the old is no basis for concessional, ie priority housing. lcd Code provides only three categories of citizens entitled to priority for housing on the social contract of employment (Article 57 lc RF). These are: 1. Citizens living quarters which are recognized in the prescribed manner unfit for habitation and Repair reconstruction can not be. 2.

Orphans and children left without parental care. 3. Citizens suffering from severe chronic diseases. lcd Russia restricted the rights of citizens in the privatization of housing stock. Since March 1, 20,010 years terminate the main articles of the rf Law "On privatization of housing stock in the Russian Federation, which governs the right of citizens to receive free public service and municipal housing in their property.

Author: Jackie