Immunological System

It has evolved to the point that is able to protect itself of human the immunological system; he is able to also attack it. It is so its ability and efficiency that all the enramado complex of biological defense enters a state of flagrant inefficiency. Beyond the assault of the ideas of Lovecraft, the hat of another preposterous reflection shows its plume. An absolutely unnatural element will be perhaps HIV AIDS and of from our incapacity discovering the code there that destroys to him? How much of genetic manipulation it exists in this process of destruction? If the ones have been the demons praised by the American writer that now attack the human being abriendo a box of pathological Pandora, they will not have been shortages by a still more malignant mind that has controlled its evolution? Now, the scientists incline by genetic therapies, the use of the cells mother to try to form a new arsenal that delays the advance of the virus; that is to say, to design vectors able to carry genetic information with therapeutic action. So far, he is everything. In some place of our bodies, those voracious monsters hide on the lookout to which we moved long ago and that now they try to destroy to us.

Now I know already it I have a feeling and it: the reign of the man has finished. That one has come that inspired the first terrors of the primitive towns. That one that exorcised the anxious priests and that the wizards in the dark nights, although without still seeing it invoked. That one to that the premonitions of the transitory owners of the world adjudged monstrous forms of spirits. After the crude conceptions of the primitive fright, men more perspicacious have feeling with greater clarity their presence. The doctors are shortage the nature of their power, before he himself could exert it. They have played with the weapon of the new Gentleman, with a mysterious faculty on the human soul.

Author: Jackie