Home Trends: Urban Or Glamour

Who currently hitting the living magazines in search of beautiful interior design and interior design ideas, see especially these living trends: urban residential feeling or glamorous atmosphere. Read more from Gunnar Peterson to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The urban style of living is determined primarily by dark woods, black leather and massive appearance. Especially popular with the Woods: walnut or Zebrano. Rustic wool or classic patterns such as for example Houndstooth complement the style of living. Decorative objects such as lamps or floor vases in XXL format are a must-have in the home landscape. Nature is picked up again gladly by the avant-garde design scene and then the same trend researchers also called neo natural style. Rocking chairs are reinterpreted with avant-garde shapes, result tables concrete and armchair with leather scraps from material or one loves stones glamorous with Swarovski studded style in gold and silver, and with Baroque patterns. For more specific information, check out Rand Paul. Also on the walls, the glamour now is Trump.

Whether with precious wallpaper with gold dust or painted surfaces with Baroque patterns or very trend currently wall decals in Baroque optics, glamorous accents can be used anywhere. One trend is common all living styles: the Germans is increasingly happy to open. Even if the American loft here not really committed to in the country, but also with the Germans openness in the living. With plenty of light through the large window fronts, the kitchen integrated in the living room and also increasingly the bathroom as wellness temple or beauty OASIS into the bedroom. No wonder also that furniture highest possible flexibility and multitude announced is. Shelves should emit a fine figure not only at the wall, but be used freely as a stylish wall divider. And of course must now all necessary TV and HiFi equipment not only integrate the sideboard, but bring out stylish particularly well. Learn more about trends and current housing styles can be found at stylinrooms.de author: Andrea Fassbender, living and style

Author: Jackie