It is a viral infectious disease. This type of herpes is characterized by the appearance of lesions Cutner. Herpes simplex usually affects the face, lips, mouth and upper body. Currently there are said to cure for herpes, however there are several forms of treatments including the treatment or natural therapy. Ms Manifestations Common: a) The more common manifestations of herpes simplex may be present when it affects a finger around the nail. b) It is also possible to find events by HSV1 infection in the eye, especially in the conjunctiva and cornea, as well as infections of the coverings of the brain. c) When a woman infected with herpes simplex a “Genital gives birth to a child through vaginal delivery especially if the cold is produced. The baby can become infected.

It is also possible that the herpes virus from an infected mother to fetus affected congenital anomalies. The herpes virus usually a single person can be infected with genital herpes During sex with someone who has genital herpes infection HSV2. Transmission can occur from an infected partner who does not have a visible sore and may not know who is infected. Herpes simplex Both HSV1, HSV2 genital herpes can be transmitted through sexual contact. It is normal for a cross-infections occur in type 1 and 2 during an oral-genital sexual contact. 80% of the adult population is slated to carry the herpes simplex virus HSV-1 and may have acquired in a non-sexual. Herpes infection occurs after large periods. The sexual form is can be up after 24 months and was in a non sexual, may be up after 18 months of contracting the virus. If disaster more information visit my website, where I am giving a report that might interest you on this issue.

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