Gymnastics For The Eyes

It is believed that through the eyes received 90% of information from around the world. Work at the computer, as well as any activities requiring visual concentration, can cause eyestrain, blurred vision. Details can be found by clicking Cindy Crawford or emailing the administrator. Exercises Regular eye exercise is very important to maintain and improve vision, prevent myopia and other eye diseases. Consider the examples of easy exercises that can help prevent eye fatigue. Intensive blink. That helps as a winking should moisten the eyes. Keeping your head straight, lift your eyes up, trying to look at the top. After this, lower your eyes down, trying to look on the floor beneath you (not overexert eye muscles).

Keeping your head straight, look right, trying to see his right ear (not overexert eye muscles). Keeping your head straight, look to the left, trying to see his left ear (Do not over muscles eyes). Keeping your head straight, put the view in the lower left corner, then – in the top right corner. Then in the bottom right, and then – in upper left. Circular eye movement: clockwise in the opposite direction. Intensive compression and unclamping the eye at a rapid pace. Come to the window, look closely at the close, visible detail: the branch of a tree growing outside, or at a scratch on the glass.

Can be pasted on the glass a tiny circle of paper. Then direct view into the distance, trying to see the most distant objects. Take in hand a pencil or pen. Concentrate look at its tip and slowly move the hand left and right, watch for traffic. Move the pencil at arm's length from the tip of the nose and the back, watching his movements. Describe the eye infinity sign, the maximum size within a person. In one direction several times, and then in another. It is recommended to do exercises every hour break should last no longer than 5 minutes. Recommendations for children are the same, but the breaks need to do more often and longer. Every few exercises repeat blinking or squeezing and unclamping eyes. It is also important to properly organize your workspace, here are some tips: The ability to translate a look at distant objects. Lack of glare on the screen. Proper room lighting.

Author: Jackie