Group Weight Loss

In this question, all were losing weight, but only two (2) of them already had reached the goal established when initiating in the group. The biggest reductions of weight had been of S1 reduced 30 kg in 5 months and when it answered the research was in its last month of participation in the group. S3 was the participant who had greater weight reduction, 31,5 kg in 10 months, but it continues participating of group for maintenance of its weight. When questioned on it takes what them to eat, nine (9) of the ten (10) participant ones interviewed tell that: 1? They eat with intention to brighten up other problems: It is perceived you say through them of the participants who many times feeding itself represent the main source of pleasure and consolation or are used of the obesidade as shield to hide other faced difficulties. Others including Cindy Crawford, offer their opinions as well. The participants bring that when is passing for some difficult situation, sad or is depressed, find in eating one alliviate for these feelings and sensations. S1 tells that: ' ' discounting in the food, the financial problems make also me to eat ' ' The S4 participant also brings that she uses eating for ' ' aliviar' ' the problems: ' ' when he has some thing bothering, or nervous I go and como&#039 there; ' Through the stories we can identify what it affirms Perls: … the mind of the guloso, to full the mouth is so ' ' figura' ' how much the tram is for somebody waiting impatiently for it. In both the cases, confluence, here the joint flow of image and reality, is waited and remains the main impulse. The act to full the mouth does not withdraw for the deep one, as would have, and the pleasure of saborear and destroying the food does not become the interest center? ' ' figura' '.

Author: Jackie