Federal Advice

Ahead of the displayed one, to perceive that the ethics are difficult of being lived deeply, being spread and divulged in the practical one, a time that many values are involved in this context, such as cultural, social and religious values that come of meeting to the character of the individual. Moreover, other difficulties are perceived when some professionals of nursing do not demonstrate to prioritize the principles of ethics of the biotica, also the envolvement of people is observed who are to the front of the Advice of the nursing profession. They have excited calamitous damages to the category in the national scope and regional e, many times, pass unobserved, making to believe that they are representative with transparent ethical behavior and inside of the standards of social normality 8. Professional ethics are a part of moral science. It does not limit if the norms, but it looks the humanizao of the organized work, that is, looks for to place it service of the human being, its promotion and its social purpose.

It is task still of the professional ethics, to detect the factors that in one determined society, the professional activity empties mentally ill becoming it. It is also task of the professional ethics to carry through one criticizes questionadora that has for purpose to save human being 9. IT IS ALSO TASK OF THE PROFESSIONAL ETHICS TO DETECT THE FACTORS THAT IN ONE DETERMINED SOCIETY, THE PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY EMPTIES MENTALLY ILL BECOMING IT. In a hospital it is public or private that &#039 gives public service where; ' assistenciais nurses work with insufficient sizing to take care of demanda' ' , the following factors had been detected! 1 DETECTED FACTOR Auxiliary or technician of nursing with nurse heading exerting function of assisting or technician of nursing and receiving inferior wage to the wage from the nurse. 2 DETECTED FACTOR the Systematization of the Assistance of Enfermagem (SAE) was normatizada by the Federal Advice of Enfermagem (COFEN) in all the institutions of health since year 2000 in Brazil and until total it is today not executed, justifications: increase in the demand, lack of human resources and lacks of adequate assistencial model.

Author: Jackie