Father Love

Always wanted to say to my father I love I you, never pronounced these words for it, always had shame, to say tuo what he felt, today I know of the value that would have made if I said these so simple words that are so important. My father also loved me I wise person, but never we stop to talk, if to hug as when we were children, I grew and I became a shameful, fearful being, did not dialogue with nigum had shame to give one I hug. My family was not perfect in the days of the parents did not have money to give a gift for my father, in its anniversary, this year does not stow with it, wanted to bind and the least to say father happy birthday to you, I did not have courage, I know that it would feel happy very, but did not make this. It wanted in these days of the parents who this if approaching to be able to say everything what I feel, was what it was planning, to dezer to it of the value that it has for me, of the love whom I feel for it, and to be thankful for its existence that is so important. I repent myself never to have said nothing of this, at this moment I am remembering the times where it stows with it moan not to more be able to be. It wanted that the things came back, I to be able to make all different one, to say everything what he did not say, is late this never more goes to happen. My father yesterday died, before I said I love I you, you is the person most important of my life.

It was sad and this being sad, therefore I am writing this article so that it does not come to happen what it happened with me in the life of plus nobody, says its parents I love you to I fastest possible, before it is late of more. It does not wait for the days where my intention is commemorated this age, if possible it says right now and it shows how much love you it. After all of accounts every day it is day of the parents. Father you can not be today more entren we but I want that she knows I love that you very, I always landed on water you obliged for everything she forgives and me for the times in I did not make what would have. I love you of truth.

Author: Jackie