Fasting – The Basis Of Health

Fasting – the basis of health first step to health – cleansing the body of toxins and excess ballast. In our time – is a scientifically proven method of healing, but that proved to us the science, many centuries ago, people used intuitively. Any of the known religions are concerned not only about the moral, but also the physical health of its people. With this purpose in the spiritual texts of the Orthodox and Muslims, Catholics, Lutherans, and the rules made flesh continence, eating restrictions and the date of regular posts. Positions – is from ancient times the rules of abstinence from certain foods that contribute to prayer and to help inner growth of man. At all times the existence of Christianity was the most important side of the post of human life. Ever since the ancient physicians know that 'if the body is not cleared, then the more you feed it, the more it will hurt' (Hippocrates). Medical Fasting is a short (up to 3 days) and long-term.

At home safely starve to 5 days, and after mastering the technique and especially the methods of exit from starvation, and a little longer. A well-known popularizer of medical starvation, the author of "Miracle of fasting 'Paul C. Breg wrote:' I'm hungry for 7-10 days, 4 times a year." Several options for short-term fasting on water famine person drinks only water (distilled, a hot or stand, cold, Borjomi, extracts of herbs, broth hips). In the water is helpful to add the lemon juice (1 tsp.

Author: Jackie