Exercises Warming Basics

Before starting any physical activity it is necessary to initiate a warm up routine to perform better during training, avoid or reduce the risk of injury, increase oxygen and nutrient transport to the muscles, improve neuromuscular system and metabolism.However, there is a unique global warming but several types according to the parts of the body and physical needs of the activity to practice. Organic heat – runs for 6 minutes, while you do it performs: – lateral movements toward both sides.-lateral movements crossing the legs front and back with change of direction-raises knees.-leads the heels to the buttocks. Heating of the joints – rotating ankles left, right.-tour ankles up, down-flexes and extends the knees.-move your head in circles-with feet together flexes the body to the maximum-spin dolls-Ponte of squats and stretches a leg-tumbles into the arms forward and backward. Warming muscle twins:- Walking on tiptoe, two steps forward, two steps back.-with the heels perform the same task as the previous. Quadriceps: – Pick up the forefoot with your hand and take it towards the buttock.-stand on one foot, flexes and extends the leg. Femoral quadriceps:-same as with the quadriceps. Biceps femoris:-same as above. Abdomen:-lie on the floor and beam abdominal.

Chest: – Performs push-ups.-move your arms laterally crossing them in the chest. Dorsal: – Flexes the trunk from right to left.-flexes the trunk from top down. Deltoid:-move your arms up and down. Biceps: – Flexes and extends the arm-with arm raised, flexion and extension of the muscle. Triceps:-the same exercises in the biceps-triceps and extensors of the fingers – closes and opens his fist a few times. Neck muscles: – move the neck from right to left.-move the neck above above Original article here original author and source of the article.

Author: Jackie