Exercise Tips

Inflate the leg muscles: the soleus muscle (lateral side of the calf) / sequestering activity / blows up the side of the calf Technique Sit in a simulator for the ups on your toes while sitting. Lift up the cushions and put your feet on the cushions footrest so that your heels dangle over the edge. Your feet should be parallel to each other. Move over on the seat – cushion should lie clearly on the downhill quadriceps.

Straighten your torso. Take a deep breath and hold your breath, stand on your toes and lift your heels as high as possible. At the top point on the 2-3 second pause and struggled strain soleus, beneath the gastrocnemius. Exhale and slowly lower your heels as low as possible. Once you feel that a good strained calf, immediately begins to rise on your toes. For better stability hold hands on the edge of the seat or the handles on the frame, which carries the rollers. Tips To thoroughly get both sides of the soleus muscle (lateral and internal) at the top have to make a long pause (2-3 seconds, no less). Necessarily bend, unbend the ankle joint to the total amplitude.

Try to raise your heels as high as possible, and drop – as low as possible. This improves the flexibility of the ankle joint and the elasticity of his ligaments, which further will save you from injury during aerobic exercise. In the absence of a simulator for lifts on their toes while sitting exercise can be performed on a conventional bench, putting pads on the foot bar with a minimum height of 10 cm – the main thing that you able to fully straighten the ankle joint, without touching the floor with his heels.

Author: Jackie