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Setting boundaries: a case study. This morning, a young mother about the online consultation has contacted me. She didn’t know how it should go, what she can do. Her husband is determined to separate. The family includes two children, 3 and 10, and the grandmother, her mother, systematically disrupts family life and destroyed. The problem of young women: she can put no limits can no say, wants her mother, and their fellow human beings in General, not hurt. Her mother is always in the mind of the young woman, and in her heart. Mother suddenly unexpectedly bursts into the room, despite a “Ban”, the subsidiary unable, to say a resounding no, looks to protect their privacy, what has the consequence, that her husband feels excluded.

Their relationship has an abrupt end, the couple mother – daughter won. To understand that the man no longer wants to join this game only too well. What do as further, change the situation? As the marriage but still save? How from the construct of lies come out? How do ready get it, without open the dependency to mother to discuss anxiety? Where to find the courage, to give the mother and the husband clear wine? Identify how to learn the feelings to admit this openly and to bring to light? Only when access to the emotional world is no longer blocked, a solution can be found. Otherwise, turf wars, with all his allegations and his guilt zuschieben continues, and that until the bitter end. It to the pop comes out, ready, finally! Marriage, family, family of origin also destroyed, and the worst, this game has no end, at the earliest opportunity all we go then from the front. In the telephone conversation with just this woman, we have outlined not only their situation, but I showed up first solutions for a new type of communication, which is happening on the emotional level.

Nobody will be thereby believed and pilloried, but talking about himself, about what’s happening in the own heart, i.e. you exposed in a sense, are plenty of price one’s inner feelings, the other faces as it were “naked”. The reaction of the opposite is accordingly. Not believed to must this not defend even must ascend the no weapons, needs to not hide behind a high wall, must make up any problems, to fit the partner to defeat. Who provides an insight into the emotional world of its own, has decided to leave the theater, wants to focus on himself, on his own life, determined to live this. In addition, it requires no lies and evasions. We use our time and energy to something constructive, we stop running, we provide us the situations and our emotions. We can decide! We have only one life, so why another life! The online counseling can be an important contribution to your new discovery, or invention. It allows you to with a competent expert to discuss your problems, which helps you, for you to find appropriate, solutions and to implement them. I’m waiting for you!

Author: Jackie