European Hermes

Additional costs are avoided or significantly reduced. The connection is made by default via a USB port (universal serial bus). Optionally also a RS232 or Ethernet interface available and thus the data – loading stations is customizable and flexible to local needs. The station thus optimally fulfils the variable needs of connectivity and integration in the House of Hermes. Through the intensive use of the scanner, it’s stable and durable electrical contacts. Here, the product of Collatz + Trojan scores with a mechanical protection of contacts from damage, as well as having a high contact lifetime has been improved compared to the Motorola original product by 50 percent.

For the Chargers, Collatz + Trojan provides also the matching Holster (bags), as well as special pins for input. The delivery of the first data and charging stations is planned to start in April 2011. About the Collatz + Trojan GmbH: the company specializes in Accessories for the mobile data entry and developed innovative battery charging technologies and customized protection systems since 1998, optimize work processes and simplify. All products and system are individually developed in cooperation with the customer and produced. The services include advice, to achieve a perfect result. Collatz + Trojan solutions including Swiss Post and the German package set service (DPD). About Hermes, the power spectrum of the companies under the brand name operating Hermes includes the entire value chain: sourcing, quality assurance, transport, fulfilment, package service, 2-man-handling, as well as the delivery of letters and catalogues. On the German market, over 266 million items were moved in the financial year 2009/2010 and realized a net turnover of EUR 840 million (excluding investments and subsidiaries).

Author: Jackie