Essential Oils

Essential oils. Airtime Lavender oil is a natural oil refined Avocado 2. Regular exercise. In the fight against cellulite, it is necessary first of all, load the hips, buttocks and abdomen. For this fit sports: swimming, jump rope, Bradeks (Bradex), Leg and arm Thigh Master (Bradex)), Fitness Ring L0113 (Fosta) Ring pilateza workout. 3. Anti-cellulite massage. A very effective way of getting rid of cellulite – massage! This massage increases blood circulation and metabolism substances in the skin is burning fat.

Massage can be carried out as his hands, and special devices, which are now the choice is great. Recommended banks cellulite (massaging vacuum cans) is a very effective and inexpensive device. Good massage combined with exercise, it helps warm up muscles before loading. WARNING: you can not carry out massage, with veins and red veins under the skin. 4.Antitsellyulitnaya cosmetics. The use of anti-cellulite massage anti-cellulite cream or massage oil, for example, jojoba oil massage the natural and physical exercise provides a triple effect. It should be understood that only the use of One anti-cellulite cosmetics cellulite will not disappear, this makeup is only effective in combination with massage and training.

Water protsedury.5. A remarkable remedy for cellulite – a steam bath or sauna. Bath improves microcirculation of blood vessels, removes excess fluid from the intercellular spaces, burns fat, tones the skin. Douches also gives a noticeable effect in the fight against cellulite, you need only remember that in this fight requires perseverance and regularity. 6. The use of compresses. Certainly in the fight against cellulite can not do without compression. Very nice effect is the use of special clothing and linen, creating a sauna effect. Wearing such clothing with a special cream (Anti-Cellulite cream with caffeine) makes a noticeable polozhielny result. 7. Aromatherapy. Of course, we can not mention one effective direction of the fight cellulite – about aromatherapy. The use of aromatherapy essential oils that break down oil zhiryEfirnoe Lemon Essential Oil Orange, Essential Oil Geranium Egyptian) are very effective against cellulite. And most important. Before you begin a targeted anti-cellulite, decide whether you are ready to persevere, whether it's you. Remember because cellulite is not a disease and more tsellyuliteto sign of intelligence

Author: Jackie