DNI Surgery

The essential questions that you should ask your surgeon before you undergo a plastic surgery of breast augmentation. Usually placed implants above or below the muscle? How do you recommend implant them? Above or below the breast tissue? Don’t forget to mention if you exercise frequently. What type and form of implants for recommended? Round? Anatomical? Drop-shaped? Cheap or expensive? Do each when I have to replace my implants? There is a difference between the time of replacement of the saline and silicone implants? Do you can you me sobreinfle implants? How much? Is there some benefit from this? What are potential problems I can have in the event that this happens? What is the best way to determine the size of the implant that you I need? What size of breast implants do you recommend to improve my appearance? Is there a way that you can test the different sizes before surgery? Where is it better to make the incision in my case? Locations include areas around the nipple, less TRANS-axilar, inframamaria and through the belly button. What is the risk of diminished or lack of sensitivity in breast surgery? May breast augmentation affect my ability to breastfeed in the future? It is safe to me to put implants if I am breastfeeding? What are the additional considerations about mammograms and cancer screening? There are potential complications regarding my health situation? What can you do to minimize these risks? The most common risks include infection, capsular Contracture, the ripple of implants and the occurrence of wrinkles in them. There are more long-term adverse effects? When can I resume my normal activities after the surgery? I do high impact exercise? Do something that cannot be done during the? period of recovery? Long breast augmentation procedure? How much charge for this procedure? It is a price for the service or only by surgery? How far in advance can I book my surgery with you? Are there any special instructions to be followed before and/or after the surgery?

Author: Jackie