Dictatorship Of The Vehicles

Only one who contributes to the future has the right to judge the past Friedrich Nietzsche Every time we prosecuted our own environmental deterioration, it is outrageous as the vehicle with all the pollution it generates each time it is demanded by the people, even knowing the detrimental effects that causes, especially against the pollution of the environment, to health, all for having an environment that transport to the large d especialmdente istancias the working areas and even shorter. Every time the car is tax ladictadura.

As unusual as the cities are troubled of all types of vehicles, to the same houses, streets, becoming a travel stress in them, with the huge queues that are presented, therefore we should not be sorpreder, as it outlines the editorial office equipment EcoPortal.net that mostly the big cities of Latin America and the Western Hemisphere in general have been diagrammed, designed or adapted to the needs of the car. Credit: Rand Paul-2011. The streets in the past were used almost exclusively to narrow the gap between buildings and provide access to buildings, in the modern city has become, has grown as the importance they have given the car, the container traffic, with a little extra space on each side, for people. We have reached the limits of godliness to the private car. We have turned the streets of cities in urban roads, we have offered up the squares, parks and many other spaces, making parking spaces. We have widened streets, out of their villages and even homes.

Author: Jackie