Selection of feed needed for a given age and physiological state produced individually for each dog. Indicators of proper feeding – good growth, good physical development, good appetite, a brilliant sherstbez dandruff. The absence of the above symptoms reason to think – correctly picked feed well or driven out worms or whether any internal diseases. If a family has children, then you should not let them play a lot with the dog. To deepen your understanding Senator From Kentucky is the source. She needs to give time to calmly get used to your house, your puppy should be place where you can relax at any time.

Better if it will be a big cage or carrying case, which tsverg would take her "home." Please note that the venue was far from the heat and not draughty. Puppy-active, merry creature, all will try to try, make sure that it could not reach the electrical wires, packing with household cleaning products, and could not swallow small objects. Pick up your pet's toys. If he osobenoo interest in wallpaper, cement, plaster should consult with a breeder or doctor what mineral feeding is better to give. Remember that even if you are breast-balanced dry food during the change of teeth, after ears, after trimming the need for vitamins and minerals increases dramatically.

If your dog was quarantined after vaccination, then it must be accustomed to clean the house. To do this, if possible on a regular basis after each feeding and sleep to make it to the street. First time on his hands and not for long.

Author: Jackie